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Types of ISO Training

With all the recent revisions to the ISO standard(s), there is a lot of interest in training. The choices are multiple. Which option is best? Choosing wisely will ensure optimal training based on your company’s needs.

DAC Audit Services ISO Training

Consider your company’s needs. What are some common concerns?

  • Course costs.
  • Travel costs.
  • Scheduling convenience.

What are some other factors that make the best options for your company?

  • What about the size of the company or number of participants?
  • What about the job position, type of industry, or qualifications of the participants?
  • Maybe the learning style of your participants is your top concern?

You know best what is most relevant when dealing with your team’s needs. However, it helps to be informed of all the options when making a decision.

What are some available options? There are Public courses, In-House Training, and Webinars .

Public Courses

  • These would have additional travel costs, and training fees are higher due to the improved training environment. Participants vary by company, industries, qualification, and job description, so communications between attendees and instructor can be diverse and interactive. 
  • There is the normal everyday type of public course that everyone normally enrolls in.  There is also a sponsored public course.  This is where a company sponsors a course in their area for companies locally.  They invite other companies to attend.  In exchange for sponsoring, the sponsor has free attendance for their staff (limited up to three).

In-House Training

  • This means travel costs are reduced dramatically, and fee structure is similar to public courses. This allows for attendees to work within a common and shared environment. The instructor is better able to use the students’ business system as a teaching platform that is understood by all participants.


  • These may be more convenient to some, and travel costs are minimized. Although consider that the quality of communications between attendees and instructor can be limited or non-existent. Consequently, fees are usually lower.

DAC Audit Services currently offers both public courses, and our In-House training. We also have an option for you to “sponsor” a course. Soon we will be offering webinar training as well. If you would like more information on the options that we offer, or if you already know what would be the best fit for you, we are ready and happy to help in any way we can.

We would like to ensure that you receive optimal ISO training. As an ISO Audit Provider (IAP), our goal is to address your company needs. With us being your ISO Audit Provider, you can now focus on your business and leave your concerns to us.