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ISO Registration Auditing is our Specialty

DAC Audit Services (DACAS) is an ISO Audit Provider (IAP) that has supported Registrars, Vendors, and Companies for over 20 years. ISO Registration Auditing is our specialty. We are ISO experts that can provide your company with ISO Registration, Certification, Compliance, Vendor & ISO Internal Audits, and Training. We provide exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and senior audit professionals. Our primary focus is standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, etc. We also audit to other standards as well, depending on your company’s or vendor’s needs. Please refer to our “About Us” section for more detailed information to learn more about DAC Audit Services (DACAS), an ISO Audit Provider (IAP), our services, our auditors, and our history.

Enjoy our concierge-level customer support.

Whether you are looking for ISO registration, certification, compliance, or training, contact us, DAC Audit Services, for all your auditing needs. With us being your ISO Audit Provider (IAP), you can now focus on your business and leave your audit concerns to us.

Remember, “Your future in ISO is with DAC Audit Services.”

Customer Testimonials

"It was a pleasure working with a Lead Auditor who understood and respected the maturity of our QMS. Administrative support and timely replies from Sandy throughout the planning, scheduling and post audit activities, was a welcomed improvement from previous audit experiences. I look forward to a long-term relationship with DAC!"
Clairson Plastics, FL
" We wanted to touch base with you to express our gratitude to DAC for your assistance in working with us to achieve this milestone for our company. We were easily won over by your professionalism you displayed from the start of this process. Mr. George was a class act and great auditor. We count it an honor to have worked with him this week and very much look forward to a continued partnership with DAC." 
in KY
"DAC Audit Service has a great staff, who responds well to our specific needs. Their knowledge of ISO 9001 & other quality systems surpasses other registrars that I have dealt with in the past."
Worthen Industries, NH