Looking to outsource your ISO internal audits?

  • Do you lack the trained or experienced staffing to perform ISO internal audits yourselves?
  • Is there a registration, certification, compliance or vendor audit scheduled, and you are not ready?
  • Does your company require internal audits to standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 45001, etc.?

DAC Audit Services offers the perfect solution for effective Internal Audits. Companies have found that outsourcing internal audits to DAC Audit Services can be productive and cost-effective. We will perform internal audits to your schedule, using experienced, accredited Senior Lead Auditors.

  • Our Senior Lead Auditors are professionally certified auditors that also perform registration audits representing various Accredited Bodies. They understand completely what a Registrar looks for during an audit. Your company’s system will have an internal audit performed with the same expertise and focus.
  • Using either your audit documents or ours, we will complete your scheduled audits in a timely manner. These audits will help you pinpoint process improvements and identify areas for positive change.
  • Your Management Review will now have credibility and a basis for future improvement. You can set your mind at ease for your scheduled registration, certification, or surveillance audit.
  • This program is a cost-effective solution. Instead of training or hiring new staff, the 50-75% savings could be put back into the company. Our program was set up to help companies that have limited audit personnel, but need to have an internal audit completed quickly and efficiently in a short time span.

Why Outsource?

  • There’s a trend in the industry to outsource internal auditing to competent auditors. Companies have found that outsourcing internal audits can be productive and cost-effective. In-house, part-time internal auditors often don’t perform audits frequently enough to be totally effective.
  • Without an effective audit program, a company is at higher risk for non-conformances, poor product quality, loss of registration/certification, increased product liability, and a sub-optimized process improvement system.
  • Many companies have asked us if we could conduct audits of their system to ensure compliance with a number of standards. Companies like the idea of having an actual registration auditor performing their audits. They have the advantage of diverse field exposure conducting process-oriented audits.
  • Although some of these companies have the skilled resources to conduct audits internally, they report that we add value by providing an independent view of their systems as well as advice on how to remediate any findings.

Please note we cannot offer internal auditing services to clients that are certified/registered with us.


ISO Registration Auditing is our Specialty.

Our primary focus is to standards such as ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 13485ISO 18001, and more. We also audit to other standards as well, depending on your company’s or vendor’s needs.

We serve the East, Midwest, West, South and Southwest regions of the United States. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information or call us at 1-978-386-2516.

Our ISO Specialists look forward to speaking with you!


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